Message from President

Japan Van Lines Co., Ltd. was born in 1961 at Yokohama, Japan. We have patronage
for many customers as foreign countries, domestic seaborne goods, Airlines and the
physical distribution planner who proposes the logistics strategy with which service was
combined widely to from an intermodal transport storage in warehouse and Custom
clearance for since then for more than 50 years

A long experience and rich know-how in a physical distribution trade are utilized to
the full, and I'm always aiming at being the enterprise which responds to customer's
business success with collective strength by proposing and offering service of high
quality by the first posture, sir. I'm conscious of public of transportation business and
contribute to a more abundant area and social realization through distribution by
pursuing creation of higher-speed correct logistics service.
These are our management idea and are a behavior guideline as the most
important enterprise. I make an effort toward improvement of the further service
quality so that a customer of existence and all customers who will come now can
be satisfied with to sense a change in the time and technological innovation
sensitively and always show high quality and the best performance.
It'll be a staff cluster, and I do my best in order to keep being trusted existence from
society including a customer as the best partner who can keep developing and
growing together, so please encourage further support to give.

Thank you very much and for your support.

October 2018
Mayumi Shimizu
Japan Van Lines Co., Ltd.