Export and Import Service

We provide a complete range of seamless services, from customs clearance to packaging and domestic transport, using our abundant knowledge and experience.

Export and Import Service

Based in Tokyo and Yokohama, JAPAN VAN LINES Co., Ltd. (JVL) handles all kinds of shipments to and from every port in Japan.

We have plenty of experience and offer total support for our clients' logistics plans with a complete set of systems.

Export Business

Exporting requires many procedures, such as packaging, customs clearance, and loading. We have abundant experience and skill cultivated over many years that allow us to offer safe, low-cost, and speedy services.

Import Business

For delivery of cargo from overseas locations to our clients, we propose optimal transport methods for imported cargo to offer efficient and speedy service.

Main Service
  • ・Preparing shipping documents
  • ・Transport to and installation at factories
  • ・Cargo insurance
  • ・Rapid customs clearance using the EDI system
  • ・Packaging
  • ・Carrying cargo in and out for international exhibitions
  • ・ODA project cargo

Customs Clearance Service

We have skilled staff with a wealth of knowledge about customs clearance procedures that can arrange high quality service.

Thanks to our established knowledge, experience, performance record, and reliable service, we have received high evaluations from our clients.

We can aid with the completion of difficult customs clearance documents and we promise smooth handling of your cargo using the know-how we have cultivated over many years.

We can provide support for not only customs declarations, but also quarantine of food, plants, animals, and other goods.

Main Items Handled

Export: Auto parts, machinery, electrical appliances, electrical parts, chemicals, fabric, etc.
Import: Clothing, food, alcoholic beverages, chemicals, toys, household goods, wooden construction materials, etc.

Inland Transportation Service

Truck transportation

To deliver cargo from the warehouse to its final destination, we propose the most suitable truckage based on the type of commodity and our customers' needs. Some options include consolidation trucks, hired trucks, and specialized trucks.

We can also arrange for direct delivery that skips warehouse storage.

Container Drayage Service

We offer container drayage services at ports, warehouses, and factories.

Heavy Cargo Transportation

Based on our abundant experience, we choose an appropriate truck type, such as low-bed trailers or air-suspension trailers, so that we are able to deliver heavy cargo such as precision machines or large plants safely and quickly.