Air Transportation

We provide speedy transport service to anywhere in the world using our global network.

We provide the best-priced logistics solutions using a worldwide network.


Japan Van Lines Co.,Ltd. (JVL) is an authorized IATA cargo agent since 1995, and we enjoy a high level of trust from our customers.

High Quality and High Speed

The most important factor in air cargo transport is 'speediness'.

We provide quick and precise logistics services for all our customers that engage in import/export air freight services to and from Japan.

We also provide emergency shipment services.

Today, we live in the very diverse world.

Our customers have a variety of requirements, with some placing priority on quick transport, while others prioritize competitive prices.

JVL's air freight shipments can fully satisfy the needs of any customer.

Our mottos are 'Safer', 'Reliable', and 'Faster'.

We provide high-quality services at competitive market rates.

Special Cargo Handling

We also handle cargo that requires special handling knowledge.

such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hazardous goods, and more.

We also offer door-to-door and triangle shipment services.

Each of our overseas networks and staff members are knowledgeable and are ready to provide support for our customers' logistics solutions.

Strategy - Made to Order

JVL can provide the best logistics solution for each customer according to their strategies.

JVL provides the best logistics solution for each customer according to their strategies